onsdag 26. juni 2013

And then there was silence.

Fikk forespørsel om å tegne ett portrett av ei jeg kjenner, hun syntes ikke noe om at jeg så henne som en blomst i fra verdensrommet.

En litt mer classy Dickbutt.

Dope-Pope fra en fæl greie jeg lagde.

"Tegn opprinnelsen til Hummergutten!" fikk jeg beskjed om. Challenge Accepted!

En rose. Fordi jeg hadde lyst.

Her er jeg igjen, med nye bilder og en ny giv.
Dette er første post av ting jeg har gjort siden sist, i morra kommer det mer! (grunnet opplastingsproblemer så kommer det ikke mer i kveld/natt.)

søndag 5. august 2012

So So So So frikken slow...

Thought I'd put up some more of the pixel-art stuff I did some time ago (this is actually the complete set).
Let's make it more exciting, and have a little quiz here!

Let us play "NAME THE CHARACTER!!" and also what game/movie they come from (in the case of a character from a series, first apperance counts).






6. Well, this is not so much of a guess is it?

7. (yes, name all of them)

8. (bonus points if you know who made the game and what their mascot is)


The winner gets...bragging rights and a signed print of one of the pixelart characters (15cm x 15cm).
And if it turns into a tied game, I'll pick the winners name out of a hat!
Send your answers to me as a message on FB or as an email to: unbalance56 (at) gmail.com

(edit: The competiton ends in two weeks, so on Sunday 19 August!)

torsdag 16. februar 2012


We're back again!
Not at lot to say, so I'll just show of some of the drawings I've done since last time.
Some of these have been posted on the facebook page, some have not been posted anywhere...so here goes!

First up, a Stormtrooper helmet I did for x-mas. I just started with pixel-art and it speaks to my OCD-side.

Then one I did of Solid Snake, also for x-mas.

This one is just a sketch.
I was thinking about making this as a x-mas present as well, but it was way to time consuming to make it as good as I wanted it to be...so I guess we could call it a work in progress at the moment.

This is a sketch I did for a friend of mine, 
to bad he don't like pixel-art.
But they are driving in this years Mongol Rally and it would be hella cool if you dropped by their site and maybe gave a little donation to the charity (+I'll be doing some other art for them).

Thats it, thats all!
See ya later doggie!

onsdag 26. oktober 2011

Did you see it? The x-mas presents from 06? 
If you didn't see them or if you weren't one of the few that got one, here are the complete set!
Might make some prints of them again if people would like some.
Originally they are 60x20 cm.
Still no idea on price though.

Good luck and godspeed!

tirsdag 25. oktober 2011

Just cleared out my old HDD and found loads more stuff on there!
Check it out!
A short comic I made a long time ago...

I really don't know what's happening with this...

A man, crying blood...I guess I must have been feeling a wee bit off when I did this...

A man with a gun. That I'm here to see...

 A little devil that I wanted to put on my shoulder...glad I didn't...

Some characters I drew for a x-mas present back in 06...still have the files if someone wants a complete set!

Yeah...must have been one of those days I guess...

OHHH! I remember this one! he's kinda related to the x-mas present guys, 'cept he's kinda weird and does stuff to stuff...

Well, I guess that does it for now.
I'll probably clear out more stuff on that HDD soon, this was just the stuff I found that wasn't in .psd or other wonky formats.

Good luck and godspeed!

mandag 24. oktober 2011


Today at work, I got bored and decided to draw my friend and co-worker Anders as a detective from a 70s crime-show.
And seeing it now in color, I've decided that I might make it a short comic out of it.
So, what do you think? Would you read a short comic about a detective solving crime in the 70s?

*for the ones who don't read norwegian,
 he's saying "drop the knife, I have a revolver!"

mandag 10. oktober 2011


Guess what motherbitches...I can't sleep...so I'll just post some more drawings and stuff for you to feast your pretty little eyes on...
Me, pointing at you mami...telling you how totally hot you are...
In my world you are all 9s...pretty ladies...

My friend Roy, thinking about stuff...

A character I drew when I got bored and had blip-blop noises in my head...

Me and my childhood friend discussing why he thinks I'm Cartman...it's because I don't like people with dreadlocks...

Me and my friend Anne...she have never ever pinched or hit me...but she will...she is also a 9...

As you might have guessed, I've drawn myself again...I guess I should stop doing that...or should I?